Mindru Katz     (Cembal d’Amour 132)
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Mindru Katz     (Cembal d’Amour 132)
P0622. MINDRU KATZ:  Chopin Recital, incl. Sonata in b-flat.  Cembal d’Amour 132. - 798187995924


“Mindru Katz’s recordings are highly valued. In their subtlety and integrity, his readings often seem akin to those of his fellow Musicescu pupil, Dinu Lipatti….he remains a discovery to be cherished.”

- Colin Clarke, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Winter, 2008

“Mordecai Shehori has managed to obtain many of Katz’s original tape recordings and is carefully releasing them on his own label….I feel that Katz may be one of the greatest over-looked pianists of the mid 1900s.”

- James Harrington, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, July/Aug., 2010