Shura Cherkassky   (2-Orfeo C 882 132)
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Shura Cherkassky   (2-Orfeo C 882 132)
P1072. SHURA CHERKASSKY: Mozart, Chopin, Schumann, Barber & Mussorgsky. (Austria) 2-Orfeo C 882 132, Live Performance, 31 July, 1961, Salzburg. - 4011790882123


"Shura Cherkassky was characterised by a degree of 'unpredictability' not least in matters of programme planning. He was an occasional guest in Salzburg, but it was perhaps his ability in music of the most varied constellations and epochs that meant he remained less fixed in the collective memory of Festival audiences than many a prominent colleague.

This solo concert from 1961, however, displays the brilliance of Cherkassky’s piano playing, and some of his infamous twinkle, not least when he arrives at Chopin, the composer with whom his name is perhaps most associated today."

- Z. D. Akron