Ivan Davis  - The Wind Demon    (New World 80257)
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Ivan Davis  - The Wind Demon    (New World 80257)
P1150. IVAN DAVIS - The Wind Demon: 19th Century Piano Works, incl. George William Warren, George Frederick Bristow, Charles Grobe, Richard Hoffman, Jerome Hopkins, Anthony Philip Heinrich, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, William Henry Fry, Homer Newton Bartlett, William Mason. New World 80257, recorded 1976. - 093228025726


“Ivan Davis is an American pianist who made his début in New York's Town Hall in 1959. Since 1966 he has been professor of piano at the University of Miami at Coral Gables, Florida. Davis maintains a wide range of repertoire, but is mainly known for his interpretations of Romantic keyboard music, Gershwin and Gottschalk. Ivan Davis has recorded mainly for Decca London.”

- Uncle Dave Lewis, allmusic.com

"I remember Horowitz (Ivan Davis was one of the Russian master`s few students) telling me that the most misused word in the world is 'talent'. He could think of only seven or eight talented pianists. He would say that 'intelligent' is what they really are. And pianists are smart today; they can learn to play anything. But talent has something to do with creativity. Most of the public once preferred Salieri to Mozart. The public is always going to like something that is obvious. Someone with a loud, high voice will always be more popular than a lieder singer; a pianist who plays loud and fast will always thrill them more. It's always only a few people who are going to keep a higher standard going."

- Ivan Davis interview with Tim Smith, Miami SunSentinal, 30 June, 1991