Luciano Virgili      (Clama ML-10)
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Luciano Virgili      (Clama ML-10)
PE0064. LUCIANO VIRGILI:  Virgili’s LVDP recordings, featuring 20 Italian songs. (Italy) Clama ML-10, recorded 1952-57.  44pp. Brochure, w.Biography, Discography, Numerous Photos. Final sealed copy!


“Luciano Virgili studied opera singing on the advice of his friend and fellow tenor Galliano Masini at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence. He decided to devote himself to pop music and began performing with great success in Tuscany. In 1948 he recorded his first disc for Fonit and a few months later he was heard by Dino Olivieri, who gave him a recording contract, first with Columbia Records and then with LVDP. In 1949 he launched a recital disk which became a worldwide success, not unlike Nile Ossani and Ferruccio Tagliavini. In the fifties, through radio, along with Luciano Tajoli, Giorgio Consolini, Achille Togliani, Claudio Villa and Narciso Parigi, he became one of the most popular singers in Italy. In 1957 he appeared in the film MAMMA SCONOSCIUTA directed by Carlo Campogalliani, and was invited to the United States for a brief but highly successful tour that took him to sing, always receiving huge acclaim, in Carnegie Hall, Town Hall and Madison Square Garden in New York, and the Academy of Music in Brooklyn. Returning to Italy he appeared in the Festival of Naples in 1958. In 1966, after taking part in various tours, including l 'Olympia in Paris, he returned to America with his family and stayed there until 1972, achieving successes everywhere, from San Francisco to Toronto, becoming, after Carlo Buti, the idol of the most beloved Italian immigrants in America.”

- Maurizio Tiberi