Cabaret in Exile   -   Berlin - Paris     (Malibran 650)
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Cabaret in Exile   -   Berlin - Paris     (Malibran 650)
PE0104. Cabaret in Exile, Berlin - Paris, incl. Songs by Werner Richard Heymann, Franz Wachsmann (Waxman), Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Holländer (Frederick Hollander), Kurt Weill, Rudolf (Rudi) Nelson & René Dorian as sung by The Comedian Harmonists, Lyse Gauty (Alice Gautier), Suzy Solidor, Marianne Oswald, Leila ben Sédira, José Luccioni, Henri Garat, Mistinguett, Berthe Sylva, Florelle, Damia, Maurice Chevalier & Jean Gabin. (France) Malibran 650. - 3760003776506


“This issue represents a new departure for Malibran in that all of the documentation is in English (apart from song titles) and the focus of the programme is on composers rather than singers. They were Jewish musicians who were working in Berlin during the nineteen thirties and had to leave Germany in 1933, when the Nazi party gained power and engaged in violent repression and anti-Semitism. They took refuge in Paris, where they composed music for the cabaret, operetta and cinema there before having to move on again to America or Britain in 1939. This CD contains a wide selection of songs from that period.”

- Robert Bunyard, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2009