Alberto Rabagliati    (2-Clama ML 20)
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Alberto Rabagliati    (2-Clama ML 20)
PE0139. ALBERTO RABAGLIATI: 40 Songs by Lecuona, Moises, Temanzaga, Prato, Caslar, Castellani, d’Anzi, Chiocchio, Hoagy Carmichael (the latter’s ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ & ‘Stardust’), Schoebel, Lara, Ponce, Lacalle, Allegra, Perrera, Shelton (the latter’s ‘Some of these days’), Valabrega, Orefiche, Barzizza, Chillin, di Roma, Pasero, Panzuti, Kramer, Mascheroni, Barroso, Pintaldi, Distel, etc. (Italy) 2-Clama ML 20, recorded by Columbia, Cetra & Il Musichiere; incl. Elaborate 80pp. Booklet, w.biography, discography & filmography. Final sealed copy!


“Alberto Rabagliati, born in Milan in 1927, moved to Hollywood as the winner of a Rudolph Valentino ‘look-alike’ contest. He remained four years in America, but his career as an actor never took off. During his stay in Hollywood, however, he had the opportunity to get to know new musical genres such as jazz, swing, scat singing.

Back in Europe, he became a popular singer. After a brief experience with Pippo Barzizza's orchestra, he joined the Lecuona Cuban Boys, a Cuban band. He performed with his face painted black and made a hit with the song ‘Maria la O’. While with the Lecuona Cuban Boys he met Giovanni D'Anzi who gave him an audition with Italian state radio station EIAR. Rabagliati soon became a radio star, and in 1941 had his own radio show. Every Monday night EIAR aired 'Canta Rabagliati', with the singer presenting his most famous songs. At a time when anything foreign was banned, the idol Rabagliati was allowed to maintain his American-influenced style. Indeed, the Fascist government decided to make use of his popularity by choosing his song ‘Sposi (c'č una casetta piccina)’ as their demographic campaign anthem.”

- Maurizio Tiberi