Cabaret Echoes   (2-Archeophone  OTR-MM10-C1)
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Cabaret Echoes   (2-Archeophone  OTR-MM10-C1)
PE0181. Cabaret Echoes, New Orleans Jazzers at Work, 1918-1927. Rare recorded performances by Ory’s Sunshine Orch., Roberta Dudley, Ruth Lee, Johnny de Droit’s New Orleans Jazz Orch., Fate Marable’s Society Syncopators, Johnny Bayersdorffer & His Jazzola Novelty Orch., Original Crescent City Jazzers, Hightower’s Nighthawks, Half-way House Orch., Anthony Parenti’s Famous Melody Boys, Billy & Mary Mack, Brownlee’s Orch. of New Orleans, John Tobin’s Midnight Serenaders, Original Tuxedo Jazz Orch., Original New Orleans Jazz Band & Jimmy Durante’s Jazz Band, and interviews, including a 60-page illustrated booklet. (Canada) 2–Archeophone Off The Record OTR-MM10-C1, recorded 1918-27. 35.90, the Set. - 778632904200


"The great duo has done it again! This is like hearing the music—really hearing it—for the first time, and the interviews add another dimension. Excellent notes as well. Congratulations!"

—Dan Morgenstern, Director, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

“WOW! A great job of transfers—the Ory Nordskogs never sounded this good, and that goes down the line . . . for the first time I can enjoy hearing these early instrumentals. An important addition to the historic library.”

— George Avakian

"For anyone interested in achieving depth on the early development and variegation of jazz (and understanding New Orleans musicians' role in it), this double CD package is a blessing."

— Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Curator, Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University

"Doug Benson and Dave Sager strike New Orleans gold again! Those who treasure their masterful (and masterfully annotated) Off The Record collection of King Oliver's 1923 masterpieces will welcome more astonishing New Orleans music from the early days. It wasn't like anything else in those days, and it still packs a wallop ninety years later."

— Dick Spottswood, Author/Compiler Ethnic Music on Record, producer, radio host