Emil Telmanyi;   Louis Cahuzac   (Dutton CDBP 9744)
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Emil Telmanyi;   Louis Cahuzac   (Dutton CDBP 9744)
S0144. EMIL TELMÁNYI, w.Egisto Tango Cond.: Violin Concerto, Op.33, recorded 1947; Tango Cond.: En Sagadrom – recorded 2 Feb., 1942; John Frandsen Cond. Louis Cahuzac: Clarinet Concerto, Op.57, recorded 1947 (all Nielsen; all w.Royal Danish Orch.). (England) Dutton CDBP 9744. Transfers by Michael J. Dutton. Final copy! - 76538797442


“Emil Telmányi was a Hungarian violinist who was born in Arad, Partium, Transylvania, then in the Kingdom of Hungary, was also an exponent of the composer Carl Nielsen, having recorded some of his violin sonatas and his violin concerto. Telmányi settled in Copenhagen and was married to Nielsen's daughter, Anne Marie, from 1918 to 1933. One of his most famous recordings is a 1954 recording of Bach's Sonatas and partitas for solo violin played using a violin with what was referred to as the Bach (or Vega) bow, which could be adjusted so the player could play three or even all four strings of the violin at once. He died, aged 95, in Holte, Denmark.”

“Louis Cahuzac was a French clarinetist and composer, an outstanding performer and one of the few clarinetists who made a career as a soloist in the first part of the 20th century.

Cahuzac made the first recording of Carl Nielsen's Clarinet Concerto, a piece originally written for the Danish clarinetist Aage Oxenvad. On 22 November 1956, at the age of 76, he recorded the Clarinet Concerto in A major by Paul Hindemith for the EMI music label under the composer's baton.

He was a great teacher also and many students became famous like Yona Ettlinger, Hans Rudolph Stadler,Gervase de Peyer, André Boutard (Paris Opera) or Gilbert Voisin (Geneva international prize winner in 1950) and Palle Nehammer. Cahuzac died at Bagnères-de-Luchon.”

- H. P. Casavant