David Nadien;   Ruggiero Ricci     (Cembal d’Amour 151)
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David Nadien;   Ruggiero Ricci     (Cembal d’Amour 151)
S0440. DAVID NADIEN, w.David Hancock (Pf.): Debussy, Fauré & Franck (the latter’s Sonata in A); w.Abba Bogin (Pf.): Daisies (Rachmaninoff); w.Ruggiero Ricci: Sonata for Two Violins (Prokofiev). Cembal d’Amour 151, Live Performances, 1968-70. - 798167997997


“This is extraordinarily beautiful playing by a magnificent violin artist joined by a distinguished pianist. Over the past fifty years there have been few other violinists whose work even approaches the quality of his artistry or violin playing (including many who were far more famous). Nadien is truly one of the greats but unfortunately the classical music business never gave him the recognition or opportunities his talent merited and as a result he didn't get to record with very best engineers. But the recording quality is certainly good enough for one to hear the beauty of his playing and conceptions as well as the fine ensemble work with Mr. Barere. Grab this record before it becomes unavailable and you have to choose from one of the undistinguished ‘cookie cutter’ moderns.”

- Hans Lick