Juilliard String Quartet       (6-WHRA 6040)
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Juilliard String Quartet       (6-WHRA 6040)
S0510. JUILLIARD STRING QUARTET (Mann, Koff, Hillyer & Winograd): The String Quartets (Bartók), recorded 1949; String Quartet, Op.3, recorded 1952; Lyric Suite, recorded 1950 (both Berg); The String Quartets (Schönberg), recorded 1951-52; Five Movements for String Quarter (Webern), recorded 1952. (E.U.) 6-West Hill Radio Archives WHRA 6040. Specially priced. - 5425008377827


"The world famous Juilliard String Quartet was formed in 1946 and gave its acclaimed début concert in 1947, including Berg’s Lyric Suite which is in this collection. They performed ground-breaking programmes such as the Bartók and Schönberg Quartets, also included here. Their early Columbia LPs of these works were highly prized and are released here in new digital transfers."

“The Austrian composer Alban Berg is usually mentioned in the same breath as his two like-minded contemporaries, Arnold Schönberg and Anton Webern, with whom he formed the Second Viennese School of composition and explored the potential of Serialist techniques for expanding music’s perspectives in the wake of Wagner and Mahler.

Berg is generally considered to have developed a more human, emotional style than the stricter Serialists, and his works often have a more lyrical feel.”

- David Smith, Presto Classical