Josef Suk,  Buchbinder,  Starker     (Hanssler 93.724)
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Josef Suk,  Buchbinder,  Starker     (Hanssler 93.724)
S0593. JOSEF SUK, RUDOLF BUCHBINDER, JÁNOS STARKER: Piano Trio #3 in c (Beethoven); Piano Trio #1 in d (Mendelssohn). (Germany) Hänssler 93.724, Broadcast Performance, 1973. - 4010276026723


"Josef Suk, Janos Starker and Rudolf Buchbinder made guest appearance at the Schwetzingen SWRFestival in 1973 - three internationally known, even famous presented two of the most celebrated works of the piano trio repertoire. Suk and Starker had previously enjoyed great success in the 1960s as a piano trio together with pianist Julius Katchen, prior to his death in 1969. For this concert from May 1973, the two experienced instrumentalists chose the then only 27-year-old Rudolf Buchbinder as their pianist. Their decision has become one of the great moments of chamber music-making, full of sensitive - and when necessary - forceful music-making. This is also a fitting tribute to the late cellist Janos Starker, whom we lost last year."

- Loyal Bluto