Jacqueline du Pre;  Barenboim     (St Laurent Studio YSL T-626)
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Jacqueline du Pre;  Barenboim     (St Laurent Studio YSL T-626)
S0714. JACQUELINE DU PRÉ: w.Barenboim Cond. Danish National S.O.: Cello Concerto in e (Elgar), Live Performance, 11 Sept., 1969, Copenhagen; w.Barenboim Cond. London S.O.: Cello Concerto in b (Dvorak), Live Performance, 2 Sept., 1968, Royal Albert Hall, London. [Prepare for the closest to Nirvana you're ever apt to encounter! This is a true jewel!] (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL T-626. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"The cello sings with, when required, huge tone or a unique fining down to a mere thread of sound and, more to the point, incredible depth of feeling. Portamenti and glissandi, always favoured by Barbirolli in Elgar's music as by the composer himself, are used with great sensitivity to dig deep into the soul of the music. The finale captures the contrast of rhythmic drive and personal communing perfectly, carrying through to that amazing coda where tragedy and reconciliation seem to co-exist on the highest plane of communication."

- Ned Ludd