Nathan Milstein, Vol. II;  Patane;  Hollreiser  ( St Laurent Studio YSL T-671)
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Nathan Milstein, Vol. II;  Patane;  Hollreiser  ( St Laurent Studio YSL T-671)
S0733. NATHAN MILSTEIN, w.Patanè Cond. Vienna S.O.: Violin Concerto in D (Brahms), Live Performance, 11 June, 1979, Musikverein; w. Hollreiser Cond. Orchestre de la Suisse Romande: Violin Concerto in D (Tschaikowsky), Live Performance, 24 Oct., 1972. Geneva. [A magnificent pairing, the Brahms being a monumental, unforgettable performance!] (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL T-671. Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"Always putting the music before himself was a hallmark of Milstein’s humility and humanity….The instrument is an extension of the human voice, and the bow is to playing the violin as the breath is to singing….I measure violinists by somewhat different standards; and by those standards, if anyone deserves the title of greatest violinist of the 20th century, it is Nathan Milstein."

- Jerry Dubins, FANFARE, Jan./Feb., 2006

"Nathan Milstein was a violinist’s violinist. While he possessed a superb virtuoso technique, he was never ostentatious. When the music sparkled as he played, it was because he was clearly enjoying it and wanted you to enjoy it too, not because he wanted to dazzle you with his own personality or tone, à la Heifetz. He could do justice to true musical masterpieces, and not just use them as vehicles for display as Heifetz too often did….If you want to hear a master enjoying himself, this set is a good choice."

- Joseph Magil, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2005

“Giuseppe Patanè, an Italian conductor noted for his idiomatic and rhythmically vital opera performances, held the post of principal conductor for Italian repertory at the Bavarian State Opera.

Mr. Patanè was a native of Naples and the son of Franco Patanè, a well-regarded opera conductor who often performed at the New York City Opera. Giuseppe Patanè made his debut in the secondary opera house of Naples, the Teatro Mercadante, in 1951, conducting LA TRAVIATA. He then worked at the San Carlo, the leading Neapolitan theater, remaining on its staff through 1956. He quickly found himself in demand for the Italian operatic repertory around Italy and elsewhere. He was principal conductor at Linz in Austria in 1961-62 and was on the roster of the Deutsche Oper in West Berlin from 1962 to 1968. His first appearance at La Scala in Milan came in 1969, and he also conducted at the opera houses of San Francisco, London and New York City. The conductor made his Metropolitan Opera debut in 1975 with LA GIOCONDA, and during the next eight years he led 133 performances with the company.”

- Will Crutchfield, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 31 May, 1989

“A tireless, versatile conductor who wielded the baton for more than a thousand performances at the Vienna State Opera, Heinrich Hollreiser was one of those who worked to restore the musical life of Germany and Austria to world standing after the compromises and cultural blight of the Nazi years.

In Berlin he conducted the first performance at the Deutsche Oper in l961 after the Communists had built the wall cutting off the west of the city from the Staatsoper in the east. He helped to ensure that the West Berlin house soon enjoyed equal status with Vienna, Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.”

- THE TIMES, 28 Aug., 2006