Schubert Lieder on Record, Vol.  II     (3-EMI 66154)
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Schubert Lieder on Record, Vol.  II     (3-EMI 66154)
V0021. Schubert Lieder on Record, Vol. II, incl. Panzéra, Thill, Olszewska, Flora Nielsen, Sönnerstedt, Schöne, Behr-Schnabel, Koréh, Marta Fuchs, Erb, Pears, Ritchie, Schorr, Patzak, Giannini, Ginster, Janssen, Hüsch, Metcalfe-Casals, Schiøtz, Schumann, Leider, Schwarzkopf, Hotter, Fischer-Dieskau, Seefried & Flagstad. (Holland) 3-EMI 66154, recorded 1927-52, incl. elaborate 59pp. brochure w.texts. Transfers by Keith Hardwick. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 724356615427


“When SCHUBERT LIEDER ON RECORD (1898–1952) was first released as an 8 LP set in 1982, the compiler, the late Keith Hardwick, explained that it was his intention to examine how Schubert lieder was performed in the days before Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau, Ludwig and Baker, and so he painstakingly sought out examples of recordings right back to the earliest days of sound recording in Europe. Fred Gaisberg, the Gramophone Company’s pioneering recording engineer, began making flat-disc 78rpm records in London in August 1898. Initially he chose material of a popular nature, but on 11 October 1898 the contralto Edith Clegg recorded Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’, and it is this item that opens CD 1. Hardwick finished his programme at the end of the 78rpm era.

In reviewing the LP set in Gramophone magazine, J. B. Steane, the doyen of vocal experts, wrote: ‘SCHUBERT LIEDER ON RECORD ... is a magnificent achievement, imaginatively conceived and scrupulously presented; and the quality of recorded sound in transference from the old originals is superlative’. The artists represented are truly international and include German, Austrian, Dutch, French, English, Irish, Russian, Australian and American singers. Purely as an example of the riches contained in the set, Steane picked out LP side 5 and wrote this about it: ‘It begins with Elise Elizza, silvery, haunting and unexpected; then Ottilie Metzger's glorious contralto; Friedrich Brodersen singing ‘Sei mir gegrüsst’, intensely expressive; magical touches of Hempel; finally superb Kipnis and the opportunity of comparing his ‘Gruppe aus dem Tartarus’ with Metzger's or with Hotter's unpublished one, and his ‘Erlkönig’ with no fewer than four others’.”

- Zillah Dorset Akron