Lucrezia Bori, Vol. II        (2-Romophone 81017)
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Lucrezia Bori, Vol. II        (2-Romophone 81017)
V0061. LUCREZIA BORI: Vol. II, Complete Victor Recordings, 1925-37, incl. three Unpublished 'takes';  three Unpublished duets with McCormack & two Unpublished songs with pianist George Copeland;  Songs by Arditi, Glazunov, Schumann, Johann Strauss, Joves, Rumbold, Goring-Thomas, Pestalozza, de Falla, Nin, Valverde, Götze, Pagans, Padilla, etc.;  Arias from Don Giovanni, Nozze, L’Amour Mouillé, Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Louise, Mignon, Manon, La Traviata, La Boheme , Madama Butterfly, Il Segreto di Susanna, Don Quijote de la Mancha, Acis y Galatea, Amantes Chasqueaos, La Vida Breve & La Rondine.  (England) 2-Romophone 81017.  Transfers by Ward Marston.  Elaborate booklet featuring discographic data, notes by J.B. Steane.   Long out-of-print, final copy! - 754238101724


"Ward Marston has done a remarkable job in remastering these selections. Apparently they were recorded at a variety of speeds below 78rpm, and by bringing them to their proper speeds, he has eliminated the shrillness that I remember from the original 78s and their LP transfers. What we hear is vivid and lifelike, with an unforced vitality that is immediately appealing. Bori's voice was consistently well-focused, her technique was secure, and there is subtlety, precision, and musical sensitivity in her interpretations."

- Alexander Morin, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 1995

"Lucrezia Bori was one of the loveliest sopranos of her time, and yet during these recent years, when the recordings of her contemporaries have enjoyed a new lease of life on CD, hers have been largely neglected. Romophone's complete edition of the Victor series has now made amends, and this Gramophone [1996] Award completes the job handsomely....the records...have come up wonderfully well in Ward Marston's transfers. She was a fascinating artist, patrician but very human, delicate yet possessed of an intense inner strength: not a singer to forget."

- J.B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Nov., 1996

"They're very collectable, these Romophone complete editions. Up they go on the shelves, and you know that there is another small but quite important area in the history of singing on records properly covered, ready for reference at any time, and reference that will be a pleasure because the standard of transfer is so reliable."

- J. B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Feb., 1995