Zinka Milanov;   Bozidar Kunc, Mitropoulos, Cellini, Basile    (RCA 60074)
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Zinka Milanov;   Bozidar Kunc, Mitropoulos, Cellini, Basile    (RCA 60074)
V0186. ZINKA MILANOV, w.Bozidar Kunc (Pf.): Songs by Strauss, Kunc & Hageman; w.Weissmann, Mitropoulos, Cellini & Basile Cond.: Arias & Scenes (w.Harshaw, Peerce, Warren & Moscona) from Il Trovatore, Forza, Gianni Schicchi, La Gioconda, Norma, Cavalleria, Ballo & Rusalka. RCA 60074, recorded 1945-58. Transfers by Seth B. Winner. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 090266007424


"One of the last of a breed of thoroughbred singers, [Milanov] is mistress of an operatic grandeur that has all but vanished."

- John Ardoin, Metropolitan Opera Archives

“Ah, Milanov, the great Milanov. You must know that for me it was the queen of voices.”

- Licia Albanese

"How I wish I could share with the world the tonal memories I have of [Milanov] singing in each of these [operas, GIOCONDA & NORMA]: it was unlike anything since, and very likely anything to come....a ravishing thread of gold over me, over the audience, and straight to heaven."

- Blanche Thebom, THE OPERA QUARTERLY, Spring, 1990

“In the dramatic Italian roles, the greatest soprano I ever sang with was Zinka Milanov.…Milanov had one of the greatest voices of this century…she had such power, such dramatic drive in her voice—and she had such pure top tones, including a pianissimo even on the high C, if she wanted.”

- Alexander Kipnis

“That great voice would resound around the Metropolitan Opera House long after she halted the note. Forte or piano, it didn’t matter - either one. I don’t have to put on a record to hear Milanov's voice when I want to, either. I can call that sound to mind any time I want just in my head. That’s what being unforgettable means.”

- Regina Resnik

"Milanov’s rich tones and authoritative manner placed her in a line with Rosa Ponselle, several of whose roles she inherited and on whose art she sometimes refined."

- John Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Awards Special Issue, 2007

"Considering the fact that Milanov was the leading Verdi soprano at the Metropolitan Opera for over 30 years, it is puzzling how few recordings of her work exist, and how few examples there are of her best singing. Preiser Records has done a first-rate job of re-mastering some of her superlative achievements…which were recorded in 1953, when her voice was at its zenith. In this reviewer’s opinion, they have never been equaled."

- Raymond Beegle, FANFARE, Nov./Dec., 2005

“In my childhood in St. Petersburg I heard Battistini and Tetrazzini. After our family’s post-revolution escape to New York, which took in fact several very difficult years, I heard Caruso, Gigli, Destinn, Ponselle, Muzio, Ruffo, Chaliapin. In later life, I heard Milanov, one of the last throwbacks to the great singing of earlier eras. To be able to command the full space of a house the size of the Metropolitan with a mere thread of tone, that is greatness."

- Aida Favia-Artsay