Maurice Renaud       (2-Marston 52005)
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Maurice Renaud       (2-Marston 52005)
V0466. MAURICE RENAUD:  The Complete Renaud Gramophone Recordings, 1901 - 1908, incl. Songs by Martini, Massenet, Gounod, de Lara & Holmès; Arias from La Favorita, Guillaume Tell, Le Roi de Lahore, Carmen, Faust, L'Africaine, Hérodiade, La Damnation de Faust, Hamlet, Don Giovanni, Tannhäuser, Der Fliegende Holländer & Sigurd. 2-Marston 52005. Transfers by Ward Marston. Long Out of print, Final Sealed Copy! - 638335200521


"Renaud is often termed, and rightly, the French Battistini: there's the same smoothness of tonal emission throughout his range, the same seamless line, the same care in matching text to that line. In other words, there's an object-lesson here in the aristocratic art of the French school, derived from Lassalle and Maurel, Renaud's great predecessors....The transfers are, as one would expect from Marston...faultless."

- Alan Blyth, GRAMOPHONE, March, 1998

"Born in 1869, Renaud inherited the mantle of French baritone actor/singers Jean Lassalle and Victor Maurel. He deploys his ample resources with supple restraint and tonal eloquence. Note values are often stretched beyond anything we hear today. One will scarcely recognize Mozart's Don Giovanni 'Serenade' (in French and Italian), for instance, but the traditional ornaments are in place. Perhaps 'Pour tant d'amour' and 'Leonor, viens' from Donizetti's LA FAVORITE are a tad garish, yet Renaud's ardent approach suits Massenet's 'Vision Fugitive' to a tee, in three different versions. Conversely, the singer's attention to details of rhythm and phrasing in Berlioz's 'Serenade' never detract from the purity of tone. Thorough annotations and splendid transfers add up to a desirable, though specialized, reissue."

-Jed Distler