Charles Panzera;  Alfred Cortot  (Pf.)    (Dutton CDBP 9726)
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Charles Panzera;  Alfred Cortot  (Pf.)    (Dutton CDBP 9726)
V0815. CHARLES PANZÉRA, w.Alfred Cortot (Pf.): Dichterliebe (Schumann); w.Magdeleine Panzéra-Baillot (Pf.): Songs by Duparc & Fauré (incl. the latter’s La Bonne Chanson & L’Horizon Chimérique). (Austria) Dutton CDBP 9726, recorded 1933-39. Transfers by Michael J. Dutton. Long out-of-print, final copy! - 765387972822


"Collectors who date back to the adventurous twenties and the halcyon thirties will always gratefully remember the services of Charles Panzéra....The voice in its prime was a light, supple baritone, capable of a fine ringing climax, but most remarkable in mezza voce. He was long established in Paris as both opera and concert singer; among his many admirers was Debussy, who chose him as the ideal Pelléas."

- Philip L. Miller, VOCAL MUSIC