Hommage a Andre Messager       (2-Cascavelle VEL 3074)
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Hommage a Andre Messager       (2-Cascavelle VEL 3074)
V0922. Hommage à André Messager (La Belle Époque & Les folles années vingt), incl. Edmée Favart, Louise Dhamarys, Georgette Simon, Étienne Billot, Yoshiko Miakawa, Ninon Vallin, Leila ben Sedira, Yvonne Printemps, Miguel Villabella, Georges Thill, David Devriès, Robert Couzinou, André Baugé, Lucien Fugère, Roger Bourdin, Émile Rousseau, Louis Arnoult, etc. (Switzerland) 2-Cascavelle VEL 3074, recorded 1925-48. - 7619930307412


"Many of these recordings come from a very good time for recorded operetta: the late 1920's and early ‘30s, when the new electrical equipment clearly captured artists with stylistic roots extending back to the very period when many of these works were created….The phrasing, the diction, the sensuousness and feeling of these 78s is something hard to recapture today. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, Paris had several theatres performing operettas, new and old, and the experience of the singers in all these productions is apparent."

- Richard Traubner, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2006