Edouard Kriff        (Malibran 620)
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Edouard Kriff        (Malibran 620)
V0936. EDOUARD KRIFF: Songs by Tosti, Fran�ois, Ervan, de Lara & Sachs; Arias from Carmen, Louise, Sigurd, La Fanciulla del West, Tosca, A�da, El Trust de los Tenorios & Siegfried. (France) Malibran 620, recorded 1934-52, partially Live Performances. - 376000377620


�During Kriff�s first contract year at the National Opera House of Paris of September 1938, he sang the roles of Samson, Radames and Faust in LA DAMNATION DE FAUST by Berlioz. After the armistice of June 1940 , he appeared at the National Radio, mostly under the direction of Paul Bastide in thirty leading roles. Denounced as a Jew by employees of the theater, he was arrested by collaborationist French police on 22 January 1943, along with his mother, but he escaped by jumping from the train to Sobibor.

In 1944, he resumed his activities at the Op�ra-Comique, where he sang Don Jos�, Werther, Hoffmann and Canio in PAGLIACCI. He sang Julien in Charpentier�s LOUISE in 1950. From 1956 to 1958 he was stage director of the Op�ra-Comique.

In 1961, he founded with George Hirsch, former director of the RTLN (Meeting of National opera houses), an association to bring to the theater, especially musical populations in the Paris suburbs, soloists like Jacqueline Brumaire, Alain Vanzo, Michel Cadiou, Michel Dens and the Op�ra Ballet, performing regularly with conductors like J�sus Etcheverry and Richard Blareau. Maurice Escande appeared, as well as the great pianist Daniel Wayenberg.

In 1964, thanks to Georges Dardel, President of the General Council of the Seine, a new association was created as an extension of the previous one: The Theatre of the Paris region. Its financial resources were quite large for the time that Edward Kriff remained the Chief Executive Officer as he had been in the previous association.

Jewish artists joined the ranks of the Resistance. The opera singer Edouard Kriff, who had left Marseilles following the German raids in the Vieux-Panier quarter, fled from the train that was heading toward the extermination camps and joined up with the snipers and partisans operating in the Ard�che.�

- Philippe Olivier, THE OREL FOUNDATION