Mock Mozart  (Ustinov, Templeton, Jenkins)  (ASV AJA 5649)
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Mock Mozart  (Ustinov, Templeton, Jenkins)  (ASV AJA 5649)
V1111. Mock Mozart – The most unusual Mozart you’ll ever hear! The album that puts the ‘mad’ into Amadeus, incl. Florence Foster Jenkins, Alec Templeton, The New Friends of Rhythm, Benny Goodman, Deanna Durbin, Peter Ustinov, Victor Borge, Miliza Korjus, The Comedian Harmonists, etc.: (England) ASV AJA 5649, recorded 1912-54. Transfers by David Lennick. Long out-of-print, final copy! - 743625564921


"Recordings of Mozart's sublime music have of course been legion – but we can safely say that none compares with Living Era’s tribute, MOCK MOZART. It is described as a 'diverting collection of parodies, take-offs, send-ups, performances in good and bad taste, mixed with genuine tributes'.

The title and tone are set by Peter Ustinov’s extraordinary array of voices and noises, MOCK MOZART, and continued by Victor Borge’s perennially hilarious Mozart Opera. Adaptations range from Raymond Scott’s lively 'In An 18th-Century Drawing Room' to no fewer than four interpretations of 'Rondo alla turc' (by Red Ingle, Henri René, Hazel Scott and Martha Eggerth & Jan Kiepura). Alec Templeton and Benny Goodman show us how 'Mozart Matriculates', and the wonderful Florence Foster Jenkins brings new meaning to the term ‘off-key’. What would Mozart have made of it all? He would surely have relished the Comedy Harmonists’ tender singing of 'Mozart’s Lullaby' (oh, except that was written by somebody else!)"

-Zillah Dorset Akron