Les Tenors Francais, Vol. III      (Malibran 657)
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Les Tenors Francais, Vol. III      (Malibran 657)
V1152. LES TÉNORS FRANÇAIS, Vol. III, incl. Jean Anzani, David Devriès, Claude Devos, Forti, Fernand Francell, Paul Franz, Pierre Fouchy, Gregoire, Raoul Gilles, Raoul Girard, Georges Jouatte, Léon Lafitte, Lapelletrie, Maurice Sens, Jean Planel & Louis Izar.  (France) Malibran 657. [Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style.] - 3760003776575


“Technical aspects of [the above] transfers give general satisfaction and the appropriate care seems to have been taken over matters of speed and pitching. All the originals, spanning the period from Zonophones of 1903 and French HMVs of 1910 to well into the electrical recording era, seem to have been fine or mint copies….All in all, a highly recommendable programme of gallic tenors that ought to be on every collector’s shelves. For those collectors wishing to acquire all three volumes at once, the other two are numbered 607 [V0894] and 627 [V1004].”

- John Banks, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2013