Les cylindres Edison, Vols. I & II      (2-Malibran 187)
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Les cylindres Edison, Vols. I & II      (2-Malibran 187)
V1219. LES CYLINDRES EDISON, Vols. I & II , incl. Jaume, Noté, M.Gluck, Vallier, Baer, Albers, Mathieu, Fournets, Stamler, Muratore, Cornubert, Deschamps-Jehin, Demedy, Gilly, de Lafory, Declery, Cerdan, Gilibert, Weber, Sylva, Dathané, Bartel & Revel. (France) 2-Malibran 187. [Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style.] - 3760003771877


“It is…a great pleasure to see that the well known French company Malibran has issued 72 bel canto cylinders provided by Daniel Marty and Jean Nirouët, who have also written a most informative accompanying text, fluently translated by Patrick Bade….More is to come in the next series…but there is enough to discover for lovers of French singing to make this first double CD an excellent buy.”

- John Humbley, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2007