Cesare Siepi            (Preiser 89743)
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Cesare Siepi            (Preiser 89743)
V1785. CESARE SIEPI, w.Roland Shaw Orch.: 12 Songs by Cole Porter – recorded 1958; w.Gallino Cond.: Songs by Brogi, Billi, Denza, Rotoli & Tosti – recorded 1948. (Austria) Preiser 89743. – 717281897433


“The greatest Don Giovanni since Pinza letting down his hair, with enjoyable results….Siepi is really on terra firma with the Italian songs, recorded while he was still in his 20s. Romance, passion, melancholy, joy – his silken voice has all these emotions.”

- Michael Mark, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May / June, 2011

“Cesare Siepi, the renowned Italian bass acclaimed for his vocally suave, swashbuckling portrait of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, died 5 July in Atlanta, where he had lived for 25 years. He was 87….After his first Don Giovanni at the Met in 1952, Mr Siepi became the Giovanni of choice in houses around the world, bringing a sly blend of vocal refinement and animal magnetism to his portrayal. Critics and audiences embraced him for a wide range of rôles.”

- Anthony Tommasini, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 8 July, 2010

"Nature would appear to dictate, that in general, tenors are short and portly, baritones are of medium height and stocky, and basses tall and rather spare. In the case of Cesare Siepi he was not only very tall but remarkably good-looking and possessed of a magnificent physique. He was the epitome of the rakish Don Giovanni that became one of his greatest roles, and never less than impressive in the dignified and sometime dominating characters allotted to the operatic bass."

- Alan Bilgora