The Record of Singing, Vol. III          (10-Testament SBT 0132)
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The Record of Singing, Vol. III          (10-Testament SBT 0132)
V1912. THE RECORD OF SINGING, Vol. III (From 1926 to 1939), incl. Albanese, Arangi-Lombardi, Austral, Balguerie, Belmas, Badia, ben Sédira, Bettendorf, Bruna-Rasa, Caniglia, Cesbron-Viseur, Farneti, Cigna, Easton, Féraldy, Frijsh, Marta Fuchs, Ginster, Grey, Korjus, Kern, Helletsgrüber, Hüni-Mihacsek, Kurenko, Larsén-Todsen, Lawrence, Ljungberg, Luart, Lubin, Germaine Martinelli, Moore, Müller, Muzio, Nemeth, Noréna, Novotná, Ohms, Olivero, Paceti, Pagliughi, Printemps, Saraceni, Sari, Sayão, Scacciati, Schöne, Slobodskaya, Souez, Spani, Tassinari, Ursuleac, Vallin, d’Alvarez, Basilides, Cahier, Cernay, Croiza, Gerhardt, Metcalfe-Casals, Pederzini, Swarthout, Minghini-Cattaneo, Mysz-Gmeiner, Stignani, Anday, Anderson, Branzell, Butt, Klose, Olczewska, Onégin, Raveau, Thorborg, d’Arkor, Dino Borgioli, Björling, Folgar, Cortis, Crooks, de Muro Lomanto, Erb, Groh, Hahn, Lemeshev, Lorenz, Maison, Micheletti, Nash, Roland Hayes, Patzak, Pauli, Planel, Ralf, Rogatchewsky, Rosing, Schmidt, Verdière, Widdop, Basiola, Bourdin, Brownlee, Couzinou, Formichi, Franci, Fugère, Galeffi, Granforte, Hammes, Hüsch, Pernet, Singher, Tagliabue, J. C. Thomas, Andrésen, Baccaloni, Chaliapin, de Angelis, Kipnis, Nissen, Reizen, Vanni-Marcoux, etc. (England) 10-Testament SBT 0132, Slipcase Edition. Final superb, very slightly used copy could pass as New! - 749677013226


“What do people mean when they talk about the ‘Golden Age of Opera’? One of the most compelling explanations is to be found in this ten-CD anthology. Originally conceived in two enormous volumes, THE RECORD OF SINGING set out to survey vocal recordings from the earliest years up to 1925. Then, in 1985, this third and final volume was issued (on LP) to cover the years from 1926 to 1939. Many of the names here are famous and have been revered by generations of operaphiles: Marian Anderson, Jussi Björling, Feodor Chaliapin, Beniamino Gigli, John McCormack, Lauritz Melchior, Claudia Muzio, Magda Olivero, Ezio Pinza, Rosa Ponselle, Tito Schipa, Conchita Supervia, Lawrence Tibbett -- the list goes on and on. But most of the set's 209 tracks of opera arias and art songs present long-forgotten names attached to voices that beckon from the past, and that's what makes this compilation so invaluable. In a brief review, one can't do justice to the bountiful offerings. All you have to do is randomly [listen], however, and you'll hear what the fuss is about. For example, only the most fanatical opera aficionado will recognize the name Jean Planel, but this tenor's sweetly plangent and oh-so-French tone make one eager to hear more of him. Florica Cristoforeanu is surely unfamiliar, too, but this Romanian-born mezzo's big, expressively fluid voice provides three all-too-brief minutes of musical delight. THE RECORD OF SINGING is organized by national schools, and this volume has a particularly strong representation of German artists. One of them, soprano Delia Reinhardt, may not have been an artist of Traubel or Flagstad's caliber, but how Wagnerites would prize her strong, pure voice today! Keith Hardwick's digital transfers are superb, as usual, and although no texts are given - a pity, since many of these selections are rarities - a brief biographical sketch is provided on every artist. This set is a treasure chest of delights for anyone who cares about the art of singing.”

- Andrew Farach-Colton