Virgins and Matrons            (Malibran 751)
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Virgins and Matrons            (Malibran 751)
V2001. VIRGINS AND MATRONS, Anglo-Saxon Women Singers, incl. Ada Alsop, Olga Haley, Rosina Buckman, Florence Austral, Kate Winter, Isobel Baillie, Miriam Licette, Florence Easton, Nellie Melba, Frances Alda, Mary Garden, Dora Labbette (aka Lisa Perli), Margaret Ritchie, Clara Butt, Bertha Lewis, Muriel Brunskill & Marguerite d'Alvarez. [Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style.] (France) Malibran 751. - 7600003777515