Survey of European Zonophone Records           (Symposium 1281)
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Survey of European Zonophone Records           (Symposium 1281)
V2097. A Survey of European Zonophone Records, 1901 – 1903, incl. Ackté, Agussol, Caron, Cucini, Delmas, Fugère, Laffitte, Magini-Coletti, Mastio, Melchissédec, de Negri, Plançon, Rossi, Silvestri, Wermez, Wilmant & Wulman. (England) Symposium 1281. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 760411281022


“Over a century has passed since these operatic discs were first made. They were all recorded by Zonophone between 1901 and 1903 and, as a competitor to the Gramophone & Typewriter Company, they had a strong roster of artists on whom to call – some household names, others of more local fame. Today some names still burn with lustre whilst others have dimmed almost to oblivion. The discs are in some cases very rare so Symposium’s caveat about condition is merited though the wonder is that, after the initial aural shock, that so many were so well and forwardly recorded.

There are potted biographies of the singers, and as usual Symposium provides full discographic information. Billed as ‘A Survey’ it does precisely that for these Zonophones. Plenty of...local and national styles, varying degrees of excellence – and in the main good transfers, given their provenance.”

- Jonathan Woolf,