Souvenirs from American Operas         (IRCC 818)
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Souvenirs from American Operas         (IRCC 818)
V2114. SOUVENIRS FROM AMERICAN OPERAS, incl. Peerce, della Chiesa, Werrenrath, Earl Cartwright, Albanese, Alma Gluck, McCormack, Arlene Saunders, Enrico di Giuseppe, Jepson, Alice Nielsen, Alda, Elsie Baker, Agnes Davis, Earl Wrightson, Felix Knight & Tibbett. IRCC 818, recorded 1912-61, partially from Live Performances. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 792998818124


"IRCC has justly revived these artists' artistry for the benefit of diehard collectors who will need no urging. The transfers are all well done."

- Bob Rose, FANFARE, March/April, 1995

"IRCC provides brief biographical notes on the artists and informative plot summaries of the operas, as well as texts and translations. The transfers have been well done, there is a minimum of intrusive surface noise, and they have made efforts to determine that proper pitch has been attained. Recommended to collectors and those who have an interest in the rare and obscure works of this period."

- Bob Rose, FANFARE, July/Aug., 1995