Cetra Legacy of Divas, Vol. II      (2-The Record Collector TRC 37)
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Cetra Legacy of Divas, Vol. II      (2-The Record Collector TRC 37)
V2188. THE CETRA LEGACY OF DIVAS, Vol. II, incl.Renata Scotto, Loretta di Lelio, Onelia Fineschi, Winifred Cecil, Gabriella Gatti, Elena Nicolai, Pia Tassinari, Maria Luisa Gemelli, Lina Pagliughi, Nora de Rosa, Rosetta Pampanini, Irene Fratizia Gasperoni, Gabriella Valle, Ebe Stignani & Maria Pedrini. (England) The Record Collector 2-TRC 37, recorded 1938-54. Transfers by Norman White. Booklet offers full discographical information, plus brief biographies by Alan Bilgora. Extremely Limited Edition!


“I’ve just spent two very happy hours listening to the Cetra Divas from beginning to end. I assumed I would know most of what would be on these discs. In fact, [several] singers were completely new to me and all of them worth hearing. The latest in THE RECORD COLLECTOR’s series of reissues of records made by the Italian company of Cetra is devoted to sopranos and mezzos of the period 1938-55. As usual, the standard of presentation, the authoritative notes by Alan Bilgora and the quality of the transfers…are exemplary. The material is of extreme rarity, not to say obscurity….We are told that Vol. II of CETRA DIVAS will be more of the same, and even better. I can’t wait!.”

- Patrick Bade, CLASSICAL RECORDINGS QUARTERLY, Winter, 2012 (as relates to Vol. I)