Luisa Tetrazzini,  Vol. III   (Pearl 9223)
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Luisa Tetrazzini,  Vol. III   (Pearl 9223)
V2218. Luisa Tetrazzini, Vol. III, incl.Songs by Bishop, Venzano, Braga, Benedict & Moore; Arias from Les Huguenots, L'Étoile du Nord, I Puritani, Crispino e la Comere, Rosalinda, La Sonnambula, Lucia, Faust, Ballo, La Traviata & Las Hijas del Zebedeo. (England) Pearl 9223, recorded 1911-13, London & New York (featuring several Unpublished titles). Long Out of Print, Final copy! - 5015903922323


"Luisa Tetrazzini is arguably the most famous Italian soprano of the 'Golden Age' of opera. Listen to any of her records, and the voice and style are utterly unique and immediately recognizable. That being said, she had a somewhat erratic career, singing here and there for almost twenty years before making it 'big' one little-promoted night in Covent Garden in 1907."

“How fortunate we are today that we, and generations that follow us, have the ability to experience some of Luisa Tetrazzini's miracles. Her protégé, the American-born Lina Pagliughi, perhaps summed it up best when she said, 'She was the most wonderfully kind, humane person, and everyone who knew her could not help but respect and love her deeply’. (Lanfranco Rasponi, THE LAST PRIMA DONNAS). It is this humane quality that one recognizes time and again throughout Luisa Tetrazzini's discography and it is that very quality that draws one back time and again. Even after years of listening to her recordings it never fails that a smile of delight comes over my face when I play one of her records. I could not imagine being without them. It is through her unapologetic individuality and joy of singing that Luisa Tetrazzini reminds us that, above all, the act of singing should be a thing of joy and celebration.”

- Nicholas E. Limansky, The Legacy of the Diva