The Record Collector - 2013    (TRC 40)
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The Record Collector - 2013    (TRC 40)
V2254. THE RECORD COLLECTOR - 2013 Issue, incl. Dino Borgioli, Pavel Lisitsian, Victor Maurel, Sydney Rayner, Perceval Allen, Joseph Jamet, Torsten Ralf & Gösta Björling. (England) The Record Collector TRC 40, recorded 1903-71, partially broadcast performances, partially first time on CD. Transfers by Norman White.


"Certainly worth the price of the price of admission are the 1971 live performance of Lisitsian's gorgeous aria from ALEKO . . . as well as the private 1948 recordings of Dino Borgioli!

The great name here for collectors is Pavel Lisitsian, born in 1911, who was probably one of the [last] century’s dozen best operatic baritones. To spend an hour or so with Lisitsian’s records is to be reminded what a joy it is to hear the work of a real master.”

- Will Crutchfield, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 29 July, 1990

“An artist like Dino Borgioli, whom I have many a time had occasion to refer to in enthusiastic terms, is the rarest of rare exceptions. A 'Borgioli' is very rare anywhere, and even more so in Italy.”

- Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji. THE MUSICAL TIMES, June, 1937