L'Opera de Paris   (Palais Garnier History)     (10-Malibran 215)
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L'Opera de Paris   (Palais Garnier History)     (10-Malibran 215)
V2260. L'OPRA DE PARIS, A History of Sound, 1900-1960: Delmas, Caron, Renaud, Delna, Scaramberg, de Lussan, Litvinne, Not�, Melchidessec, Beyle, Journet, Vaguet, Devri�s, Auguez de Montalant, Deschamps-Jehin, Campagnola, H�glon, M�renti�, Muratore, Kouznetsov, Bordon, Couzinou, Marcelin, Paoli, Dubois, Rousseli�re, Gauthier, Plan�on, Escala�s, Br�val, Adams, Gilibert, Edouard de Reszk�, Alvarez, Affre, Lassalle, Campagnola, Franz, Vezzani, Fontaine, Rogatchewsky, Balguerie, Bourdin, Villabella, O�Sullivan, Luart, Ritter-Ciampi, Kaisin, Beckmans, Thill, Bourdin, Lubin, Germaine Martinelli, Marjorie Lawrence, Marguerite Soyer, Ansseau, Vanni-Marcoux, de Tr�vi, Tirard, Dupr�, Vallin, Nor�na, Ferrer, Endr�ze, Rambaud, Gall, Heldy, Gigli, Hoerner, Huberty, Nespoulous, Luccioni, Feraldy, Robin, Esposito, Bacquier, Moizan, Gorr, Chauvet, Jouatte, Giraudeau, Brumaire, Micheau, Legay, Vanzo, Cadiou, Bou�, Dens, S�n�chal, Borthayre, Juyol, Massard, Guiot, Cambon, Scharley, Lefort, Doria, Lance, Couderc, del Monaco, Blanc, Botiaux, Crespin, Sarroca, Pernet, Nougaro, Blanc, Froumenty, Castelli, Corazza, Mollien, Cambon, Medus, Depraz, Serres, Verneuil, Monmart, Jouatte, Michel, Moizan, Peyron, Doucet, etc. featuring The Grand Opera, works of Rameau to Cherubini, Berlioz, Gounod, Saint-Sa�ns, Jules Massenet, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Lalo, Reyer, Chabrier, Bruneau, F�vrier, d'Indy, Leroux, Dupont, Magnard, Rabaud, Enescu, Honegger, Ibert , H�e, Dukas, Faur�, Roussel, Sauguet, Milhaud, Poulenc, Tomasi, Weber, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Puccini & Strauss. (France) 10-Malibran 215, Boxed Set with Elaborate 55pp. Booklet with history of l�Op�ra, discographical notes, handsome photos. Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style. - 7600003772152


"This beautifully-presented set from Malibran is the story in sound of operatic music performed at the Paris Opra. Has there ever been such richness of singing as that from France in the early years of the last century? In this extraordinary box of disks there surely lies the glory of French singing. There is a 56-page illustrated booklet giving the history of the [Palais] Garnier and the music performed there. Many congratulations to Malibran for giving us such rich treasures."

- David Cutler, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2016