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Historical Reissue Classical CDs, LPs, 78s,
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Since 1972



Fifty years in a non-stop and profitable business represents a great achievement and one which I enormously enjoyed - until this past 13 months. As most of you know, I lost David four years ago, followed by the loss of Peter who died at the end of September, 2021. Peter's incomparable manner of dealing with our large list of satisfied clients is a severe loss to so many with whom he had established many long-term relationships. Peter had the patience of a saint and thoroughly enjoyed his numerous conversations. Peter's death was only the beginning of a downward spiral in our business to which the post-Covid economy contributed very considerably. Now, Norbeck, Peters & Ford has been reduced to our remarkable Gail and myself, and Gail is leaving today to follow her own pursuits. This leaves me with no choice other than to close down the website and Norbeck, Peters & Ford as we all have been known during all these many years.

But I must be prepared to evolve, so while Norbeck, Peters & Ford will cease to operate in the first days of December, your collecting needs will continue to be met by me as I will be selling items from my vast personal collection of CDs, 78s, LPs, Books and Ephemera. Please contact me at the addresses at the end of this message.

It is with the greatest sincerity that I appreciate and have enjoyed your faithful patronage during all these years. My hope is that we all may move forward together. When you phone, if you do not reach me directly, please speak with the delightful Renée who is now joining me as I reduce my personal collection. As you already know, my collection of offerings harkens from a time when the astute listener could identify the conductor of a symphony from the style of its performance before the cookie-cutter conductors became globe-trotters leading homogenized orchestras in far-flung cities, and when instrumentalists and singers lived, emotionally, entirely onstage, rather than rushing back to the green room to check text messages. Their lives and their music were thus entirely entwined. They performed in the manner in which they lived – with balance in their lifestyles.

In appreciation and warmest regards, I remain

Most sincerely,

Jim Peters

Home Phone: 802-524-4884
Ebay --- address to follow after being created