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Auction Number 145 ­- AUCTION Closing Date: Sunday, 22 December, 2013

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Nos. 0461 – 0483 are choice 7” 45rpm discs – all as New:

0461. PETER USTINOV (Voices & Noises of …): Phoney Folk-Lore (Uttered by the Composer) / w.Antony Hopkins (Harpsichord): Mock Mozart (Ustinov-Hopkins). Parlophone M8P6012, recorded 13 Nov., 1952. Exceedingly elusive & delightful! MB 20

“The send-up Mock Mozart by Peter Ustinov was one of various acts of genius that the ‘fiendishly clever’ playwright-actor created in collaboration with composer Antony Hopkins (and Dudley Moore) for a BBC TV Series Ustinov Ad Lib. Ustinov’s uncanny talent for imitating noises, instrumental and otherwise, created a Mozartean pastiche that only the most puritan of puritans could fail to enjoy.”


0462. MARCELLA SEMBRICH: Voci di primavera (Johann Strauss), transcribed from original 5” Bettini cylinder, 1900. Premo Record P.1001, as issued by Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound, produced by William Moran. Accompanied by Primo notes, as well as Moran’s 1965 letter to George Keating describing this issue. MB 20

0463. ERNA BERGER, w.Geroge Schick (Pf.): Mozart & Schubert Lieder. 3-RCA WDM 1589, Orig. Boxed Set. MB 75

0464. IRMGARD SEEFRIED, w.Erik Werba (Pf.): Robert Schumann Lieder. DG EPL 30324, in Orig. Jacket. MB 8

0465. NAN MERRIMAN, w.Elizabeth Fretwell & Alexander Young; Süsskind Cond. London S.O.: Otello – Canzone del Gondolier; Assisa a’ piè d’un salice (Rossini). Eng. Odeon P-7EP 7111, in Orig. Jacket. MB 12

0466. ELEANOR STEBER, w.Howard Barlow Cond. Firestone Orch.: When day is done, Bird songs at eventide, You and the night and the music, Ev’rytime we say goodbye. Col A-1574, in Orig. Jacket. MB 12

0467. ELEANOR STEBER & NELSON EDDY, w.Leon Arnaud Cond.: THE NEW MOON – Excerpts (Romberg). 2-Col A-975, in Orig. gatefold Jacket. MB 12

0468. NELSON EDDY, w.Leon Arnaud Cond.: Trees, A Dream, At dawining, The sweetest story ever told, Because, Sylvia, I love you truly, Just a-wearin’ for you, Smilin’ through, The rosary, A perfect day; Jocelyn – Berceuse (Godard). 6-Col A-965, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20

0469. LEONARD WARREN, w.Frank Black Cond.: Danny Deever, Mother o’Mine, Gunga Din, Rolling down to Rio (set to Kipling texts). RCA ERA-93, in Orig. Jacket. Warren’s ‘Danny Deever’ is possibly his greatest single record! MB 12

0470. LEONARD WARREN, w.Renato Cellini Cond.: Arias from Otello, La Traviata & Forza; LEONARD WARREN & ASTRID VARNAY: Simon Boccanegra – Regognition Scene. 3-RCA WDM 1426, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20

0471. GWEN CATLEY, w.Stanford Robinson Cond.: Arias from The Geisha, Merrie England, Tina, The Arcadians. Pye CEC.32001, in Orig. Jacket. MB 8

0472. DELIA RIGAL, w.Juan E. Martini Cond.: Arias from La Wally, Pagliacci, Cavalleria & Tosca. Decca ED 3508, in Orig. Jacket. Prior to Rigal’s Met career, these were recorded by Odeon in Argentina. MB 15

0473. CLARA PETRELLA, VASCO CAMPAGNANO & MARIO ANSELMI, w.del Cupolo Cond.: Manon Lescaut - Excerpts. Cetra FAP 7013, in Orig. Jacket. MB 8

0474. LICIA ALBANESE, w.Victor Trucco (Pf.): Amarilli, Se Florindo è Fedele, O quand je dors, A spirit flower, Clair de lune (Szulc), Lullaby (Tchaikovsky), recorded 1949. 3-RCA WDM 1316, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20

0475. DOROTHY KIRSTEN, w.Fausto Cleva Cond.: Arias from Gianni Schicchi, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Manon Lescaut, Turandot & La Rondine. 3-Col A-1015, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20

0476. BLANCHE THEBOM, w.Braithwaite Cond. London S.O.: Fireside Favorites, incl. My Old Kentucky Home, Homing, Calm as the night, The rosary, Trees, Lead Kindly light, One sweetly solemn thought, Mighty lak’ a rose. 4-RCA WDM 1541, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 25

0477. RISË STEVENS, w.Frank Black Cond.: Abide with me, The holy city, Panis angelicus, Nearer my God to thee, Battle hymn of the Republic, Agnus Dei (Bizet). 3-RCA WDM 1406, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20

0478. HELEN TRAUBEL, w.Frank Black Cond.: Lead kindly light, The lost chord, The Lord’s prayer, Silent night, The palms (J.B. Faure), Ave Maria (Schubert). 3-RCA WDM 1453, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 25

0479. HELEN TRAUBEL, w.Weissmann Cond.: Arias from Lohengrin, Tannhäuser & Tristan (Narration & Curse) (4th disk - Liebestod is missing). 3-RCA WDM 1491, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 25

0480. HELEN TRAUBEL, w.Weissmann Cond.: Arias from Die Walküre, Götterdämmerung, Der Fliegende Holländer, Lohengrin & Parsifal. 5-RCA WDM 1492, in Orig. Boxed Set. Choice copy has radio station identification on box & only one disc; program notes missing. MB 25

0481. EZIO PINZA, w.Johnny Green Cond.: Dancing in the dark, One night of love, With a song in my heart, Falling in love with love, For you alone & I love thee (Grieg). 3-RCA WDM 1524, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 25

0482. ROBERT MERRILL& CLIFTON FADIMAN (Narrator), w.Ted Dale Cond.: Stephen Foster in Song and Story, incl. Jeanie with the light brown hair, Old folks at home, Beautiful dreamer, Oh! Susanna, Massa’s in de cold cold ground, De camptown races, Old black Joe & My Old Kentucky Home. 4-RCA WDM 1566, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 25

0483.JAMES MELTON, w.Breisach & Levin Cond.: Arias from Don Giovanni, Die Zauberflöte, Manon, Lohengrin & Die Meistersinger. 3-RCA WDM 1013, in Orig. Boxed Set. MB 20