Auction #150 78rpm offerings

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Since 1972

Regarding AUCTION#150 (Closing Date:Friday, 17 May, 2019), The Minimum Bid ("MB") is a guide . . . in cases of extreme rarity, the actual realized price may far exceed the Minimum Bid, while in other cases an item may realize a price very close to the Minimum Bid, and, occasionally, the Minimum Bid itself. Please bid in accordance with whatever a given item means to you.

How to Place Bids:

We are pleased to receive bids via PHONE: [(802) 524-7673] or [(802) 524-4884].
TELEPHONE HOURS are 10:00 am - 5:00 PM, EST - Monday – Saturday, when PETER FORD is available to take bids and answer any questions - or
FAX [1 (888) 819 4831], or E-mail (, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When Placing Your Bids:

When placing your bids, please list the ITEM NUMBER (in the left column of catalogue) and a brief description of the item. Include your phone & e-mail address and shipping address to which your parcel will be sent on all orders.

M-A - nearly MINT, albeit very slightly used Copy.
A - slightly used Copy, but with no defects.
B - used Copy, with light wear and rubs, not affecting playing.
C - heavily used copy whose defects are clearly described Any other defects, e.g.: light (lt), edge chip (ec), lamination (lam), hairline crack (hlc), internal pressure crack (ipc), scratch (scr); label damage, etc. are most clearly identified within each individual listing.

POM – A Direct Pressing, Pressed from Original Master, (never a dubbing), whether an Original Pressing or a Subsequent Issue.
Only form of issue – relates exclusively to 78rpm issues, only those which are Pressed from Original Masters.
Scroll - relates exclusively to the best period of Victor, always featuring the SCROLL Label, mid-1930s, and always offering remarkably quiet surfaces, very often on Z Shellac, or Z type Shellac
on Z Shellac - relates exclusively to the best pressings ever produced by Victor, mid-1930's, found on PW, ORTH, but primarily on SCROLL Labels, always offering remarkably quiet surfaces, identifiable by the minuscule "z" found only in the upper portion of the inner margin of the shellac.
Master Works is Columbia's equivalent, offering the best pressings ever produced by Columbia, preceded (chronologically) by their notable Blue Shellac Pressings.
H & D - relates exclusively to Vertical-Cut (Hill & Dale) 78rpm issues, requiring a special stylus.

REMITTANCE: Please include your Credit Card number, with expiration date and name as it appears on the card. We also accept PayPal payments. Make checks and money orders payable to Norbeck, Peters & Ford, in US Dollars. Checks and Money orders must be PAYABLE THROUGH A UNITED STATES BANK.


We have a comprehensive stock of choice copies of thousands of vocal and instrumental 78s, and LPs. Additionly, we have hundreds of performer & composer biographies, as well as books on opera houses, etc. We also have an extensive inventory of vintage photos and ephemera. Please let us know your needs.