Legendary Voices  (Nigel Douglas)       (Andre Deutsch)
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Legendary Voices  (Nigel Douglas)       (Andre Deutsch)
B0006. LEGENDARY VOICES (Nigel Douglas). Chapters incl. Björling, Caruso, de Luca, Flagstad, Gobbi, Lotte Lehmann, Piccaver, Kipnis, Pinza, Ponselle, Schipa, Tetrazzini, Turner & Wunderlich. London, André Deutsch, 1992. 305pp. Indices; Select CD Discography; Photos. Long out-of-print, Final Hardbound Copy! - 9780233987903

"Nigel Douglas is a rara avis: he's a tenor who writes intelligently, he's a fan who remembers objectively, and he's a biographer who has something new to say about his subjects rather than roasting the same tired old chestnuts one more time."

- Raymond Tuttle, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov. / Dec., 1995