Jascha Heifetz   (Ayke Agus)   (1-57467-062-X)
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Jascha Heifetz   (Ayke Agus)   (1-57467-062-X)
B0007. (Jascha Heifetz) Ayke Agus. Heifetz as I knew him. Portland, OR, Amadeus, 2001. 260pp. Index; Bibliography; Photos; (Pictorial thick paper covers). - 9781574671216


"This is a fascinating book. Over a chapter is devoted to Heifetz's teaching methods. It is really interesting to read this part if you are a violinist. There is no name-dropping. You won't read about Heifetz vs. this or that. This book is an intimate look at Heifetz the person as much as anything. It is not so much meant to be critical as simply to be fair. Heifetz is not painted in any moral terms so much as he is described as a real human being. In fact, the book simply is very candid about a musician who may well have been the last of his kind. If you are interested in Heifetz, this is clearly a 'must read'."

- Z. D. Akron