Belgian Opera Houses and Singers  (Soper)  (0-87152-516-X)
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Belgian Opera Houses and Singers  (Soper)  (0-87152-516-X)
B0018. Belgian Opera Houses and Singers. Richard T. Soper. Belgian Opera Houses and Singers. Spartanburg, SC, The Reprint Company, 1999. 562pp. Index; Bibliography; Numerous Photos; Illus.; Numerous Biographies, also featuring exact dates of first performances of the singers’ roles (in Belgium as well as all other major houses in the world!); Lists of Performances & Principal Roles; Chapters on famous non-Belgian singers whose careers were launched in Belgium; Exhaustively researched, Elaborate & Handsome Edition; DJ. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 0-87152-516-X


“This a truly indispensable book by author R.T. Soper for every opera buff, musicologist or researcher. It offers a concise and accurate historical background of Belgium, followed by a detailed review of the Belgian opera houses and companies (Flemish and Walloon). Part III is devoted to the conservatories in the main Belgian cities, while section IV deals with the core of the book, i.e. the profiles of Belgian singers including biographical notes, with years/dates of birth/death - when known, career highlights including the roles performed, etc. Section V presents a brief highlight of non-Belgian singers and the book also includes a very comprehensive chapter devoted to composers of opera and operetta. At the end, the reader can find a top-notch glossary, followed by a list of 'recordings', or rather a listing of Belgian artists whose voices have been recorded. Lastly, for quick reference, the indispensable and easy-to-use index! Mr Soper has accomplished a detective's work and he must be complimented on such a task which he has carried out so successfully in a pleasant style and in-depth knowledge of the world of opera and singing. Thank you, Mr Soper!”

- P. Perna del Borgo

“…the bulk of this big book is devoted to biographies of singers, some six hundred of them….Soper writes using an undemanding style and lots of simple but clear maps and schemes. The result is wonderful….The book is illustrated with many copies of programmes, photographs of postcards, and magnificent, clear and big photographs of singers….This big book of 562 pages, most having two columns in clear print, is indeed value.”

- Jan Neckers, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1999