Jules Massenet  (Demar Irvine)  (9780931340635)
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Jules Massenet  (Demar Irvine)  (9780931340635)
B0020. (MASSENET) Demar Irvine. Massenet - A Chronicle of His Life and Times. Portland, OR, Amadeus, 1994. 398pp. Index; Bibliography; Chronology; List of Works; Photos; DJ. The Hardbound Edition is now out-of-print, Final copy! - 9780931340635


"Jules Massenet, composer of MANON, WERTHER, and THAÏS, was a musical prodigy who entered the Paris Conservatory at the age of ten in 1853 and remained at the heart of Parisian musical life until his death in 1912. Relying on primary sources, music historian Demar Irvine profiles the composer life, while drawing a rich portrait of Massenet's Paris, the city of expositions and a magnet for artistic talent and innovative ideas."

- Loyal Bluto