Caruso       (Michael Scott)       (9780394536811)
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Caruso       (Michael Scott)       (9780394536811)
B0030. (CARUSO) Michael Scott.  The Great Caruso.  New York, Knopf, 1988.  322pp.  Index;  Bibliography;  Chronology;  Bolig Discography;  Photos;  DJ. Autographed by the Author. Final Copy! - 9780394536811 0-394-53681-9


“This is a comprehensive critical account of Enrico Caruso's amazing career, from his first engagements at 22, in 1895, until his tragic death at 48 in 1921, when he was the world's most famous singer. Scott, author of the noted THE RECORD OF SINGING, dispels some of the Caruso myths and adds to our understanding of his significance by explaining musical developments that influenced the singer and those that he influenced in turn. Stressing the importance of the phonograph in making Caruso's voice familiar throughout the world, Scott is particularly successful in showing the tenor's constant change and development in singing technique and style. With its complete chronology of Caruso's appearances (by Thomas G. Kaufman) and detailed discography (by John R. Bolig), this authoritative study will bring much pleasure and reference information to the legions of music lovers who still thrill to Caruso's voice.”

- Z. D. Akron

“Michael’s habit of speaking his mind would often upset people who did not share his views, but he was witty and entertaining, as well as widely read. He could be an amusing guest or guest speaker and made many friends as well as enemies in the collecting fraternity.”

- Michael Aspinall, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2019