Renata Scotto  -  More than a Diva  [Autobiography]    9780860514084
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Renata Scotto  -  More than a Diva  [Autobiography]    9780860514084
B0059. RENATA SCOTTO. Scotto, More than a Diva [Autobiography]. London, Robson Books, 1986. 245pp. Index; Discography; Photos; DJ. - 9780860514084


“Better voices sing these parts with more body and security, but they are dull; they could easily feed their voices onto computer tape and let technology sing for them. Parceling out the notes as each score reads, for only Scotto takes the trouble to distinguish….Scotto is the last of the mad-genius sopranos….When she goes, opera is [will be, and is] in a lot of trouble. Above all, she is mistress of the traditions, with a grasp on authenticity.”


"As a supreme Verdi interpreter, bel canto specialist, and prima donna assoluta of the verismo repertoire, Renata Scotto is one of the twentieth century's foremost singers. As her candid memoirs prove, she also is an independent woman who has challenged tradition and has earned the freedom to be herself - more than a diva. She is the consummate artist who makes audiences understand that every word counts. Renata Scotto's reminiscences provide rich reading about her life and her art. Lavish illustrations, an annotated discography, a bibliography, and a complete listing of her roles make this volume an invaluable record of a brilliant career."

- Placido Domingo

"Smart, tough and, when she had to be, mean, Renata Scotto used a piercingly accurate soprano voice and a fierce sense of dramatic characterization to build her career in Opera....Beyond the gossip...are Miss Scotto's valuable explanations of her dramatic principles."

- Bernard Holland, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 11 Nov., 1984