Seventy Years of Issues    (Peel & Stratton)   (9781550023527)
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Seventy Years of Issues    (Peel & Stratton)   (9781550023527)
B0065. Seventy Years of Issues – Historical Vocal 78rpm Pressings from Original Masters, 1931 – 2001 [includes IRCC, HRS, AF, AGS, ABH, HMV Archive, Victor Heritage, Rubini (Phonotypes), Deutsche Grammofon, Odeon, Symposium (Phonotypes) & Historic Masters], Tom Peel & John Stratton, Eds. Toronto, Dundurn Press, 2001. 128pp., plus 16 additional pages of Color Photos; Index; DJ. Invalulable reference source. Final remaining copies! - 9781550023527 1-55002-352-7


"Soon to become an active reference work for the 78 collector, Seventy Years of Issues provides a long-needed source in detailing the historical vocal reissues made from the original matrices. These productions for collectors have long been sought as excellent pressings of rare or in some cases otherwise unpublished material….a helpful reference source, and I am sure that all collectors will want to keep their copy within arm’s reach as well."

- Lawrence F. Holdridge, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2001

"In the seventy years since 1931, various organizations large and small, including several semi-private ones, have issued or re-issued various original 78 rpm recordings from original metal plates. No comprehensive listing of these has ever before appeared; this is the first, and gathers together all the various information of ongoing interest. This is a most important addition to the record-collecting bibliography."

-Loyal Bluto