Arturo Toscanini - The NBC Years  (Mortimer H. Frank)  9781574670691
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Arturo Toscanini - The NBC Years  (Mortimer H. Frank)  9781574670691
B0077. (TOSCANINI) Mortimer H. Frank. Arturo Toscanini – The NBC Years. Portland, OR, Amadeus, 2002. 358pp. Index; Bibliography; Discography; Chronology of all NBC S. O. Broadcasts, 1937-54; Photos; DJ. - 9781574670691 1-57467-069-7


“ARTURO TOSCANINI: THE NBC YEARS details Toscanini's magnificent and heroic 17 years (1937-1954) conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra. The archival broadcast recordings documented and reassessed in this lively account comprise the most complete recorded legacy of Toscanini's orchestral conducting career. The broadcast recordings include his readings of many scores for which he left no approved recording, and his NBC career included performances of works he never conducted before coming to the network. The concerts and the broadcasts were immensely popular, and for generations Toscanini's name became synonymous with conducting. His legendary art and fiery personality also engendered controversy that has yet to subside, but this account takes on the challengers, accepting neither hero worship nor criticism that ignores the evidence.”

- Amadeus Press