Brunswick Records, A Discography of Recordings, 1916-31.  Ross Laird, Ed. [4 Vols.]  (Greenwood Press)
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Brunswick Records, A Discography of Recordings, 1916-31.  Ross Laird, Ed. [4 Vols.]  (Greenwood Press)
B0078. BRUNSWICK RECORDS, A DISCOGRAPHY OF RECORDINGS, 1916–31. Ross Laird, Ed. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 2001. 2,221pp., in Four Hardbound Volumes. Artist & Title Indices; Bibliography; Profusely illustrated with copius photos of Brunswick, Vocalion & Melotone labels, envelopes, phonographs, advertisements, etc.; Recordings listed chronologically by session (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Europe, etc.). Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 9780313318665


“This discography documents the full range of Brunswick label recordings through 1931, when the American Record Corporation purchased the label. The data includes affiliated or subsidiary labels such as Vocalion and Melotone. Brunswick recorded a wide variety of music in both New York City and in a variety of regional locations within and outside of the United States. This collection of material provides a unique cross-section of the music and musicians of the time. Much of the information derives from surviving company files and from issued recordings.

This comprehensive discography will appeal to researchers and collectors. Each volume is indexed by artist. The last volume includes a consolidated artist index and title and catalog number index.

Please be aware you cannot buy all four volumes of this discography via Kindle (which offers only Volume 2). Why the other 3 volumes of this hard-to-find reference work are NOT offered is beyond me! I would give Laird's 4-volume hardback edition five stars, as it is an amazing accomplishment."

- Mihály János