Discographie der Deutschen Gesangaufnahmen, Vol. 2  (Rainer E. Lotz)  9783980580809
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Discographie der Deutschen Gesangaufnahmen, Vol. 2  (Rainer E. Lotz)  9783980580809
B0085. Discographie der Deutschen Gesangaufnahmen, Rainer E. Lotz, Axel Weggen & Oliver Wurl, Eds., Volume 2 incl. Discographies of Max Altglass, Aune Antti, Desider Arányi, Carl Armster, Hans Bahling, Otto Briesemeister, Friedrich Brodersen, Hedwig von Debitzka, Riza Eibenschütz, Elise Feinhals, Fritz Feinhals, Frieda Felser, Mara Friedfeldt, Harry de Garmo, Nicola Geisse-Winkel, Else Gentner-Fischer, Marie Götze, Adolf Gröbke, Walter Günther Braun, Lisa Heinefetter, Alexander Heinemann, Agnes Hermann, Emilie Herzog, Sophie Heymann, Iwan Iwanzoff, Maria Jávor, Barbara Kemp, Walter Kirchhoff, Alexander Kirchner, Melanie Kurt, Otto Lähnemann, Max Lipmann, Max Lohfing, Ludwig Mantler, Ottilie Metzger, Costa Milona, Adolf Mühlmann, Peter Müller, Jean Nadolovitch, Minnie Nast, Marga Neisch, Karl Åagard Oestvig, Eva Plaschke-von der Osten, Friedrich Plaschke, Leon Rains, Karl Renner, Aurelie Révy, Cäcilie Rüsche-Endorf, Hans Schlitzer, Erik Schmedes, Margarete Siems, Leo Slezak, Paul Trede, Hermann Winkelmann. (Addenda & Corrigenda). Bonn, Birgit Lotz Verlag, 1998. 282pp. Hardbound. (in German) Final Remaining Copy, now out-of-print! NB: Volumes I & III also are out-of-print! - 9783980580809 3980580806


"[This] series is now a major resource for those interested in discography. Some of the discographies [above] have previously appeared in The Record Collector and elsewhere, but are now presented with the advantage of up-to-date research. Hence, alternate ‘takes’ and more accurate dates are now given which were not known at the time of the original publication….Each discography begins with a useful short biography of the singer with key data on birth and death date, débuts, major appearances, etc…This whole series is very much a labour of love. For this reason alone it deserves collectors’ support. The book is printed on heavy art paper; essential if this work is to survive the frequent consultation it will obviously receive. Be warned, each volume has a limited print run of only 150 copies! Highly recommended!"

- Larry Lustig, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2001