Elisabeth Schwarzkopf           (Alan Jefferson)        9781555532727
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Elisabeth Schwarzkopf           (Alan Jefferson)        9781555532727
B0100. (SCHWARZKOPF) Alan Jefferson. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. Boston, Northeastern University Press, 1996. 285pp. Index; Bibliography; Exhaustive Chronology, 1935-79; Photos; DJ. - 9781555532727


"Jefferson takes a less exalted view of Schwarzkopf's aspirations, adducing newly unearthed facts that tend to compound the indictment rather than exonerate her. Countering her chronological memory lapse, he pushes back her Nazi past five years to 1935, when she served briefly as 'Führerin' of the party's student association. Assigned to keep an eye on her fellow students and monitor any disrespectful comments, she was charged with ensuring political correctness."

- Joel Honig, OPERA NEWS, Aug., 1996

(After being asked about Peter Sellars) "There are names I do not want mentioned in my home. Do not say that name in my presence. I have seen what he has done, and it is criminal. As my husband used to say, so far no one has dared go into the Louvre Museum to spray graffiti on the Mona Lisa, but some opera directors are spraying graffiti over masterpieces."

— Newsweek interview, 15 October, 1990