Boris Christoff, An Authorized Biography   (Atanas Bozhkoff)    (9780860517313)
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Boris Christoff, An Authorized Biography   (Atanas Bozhkoff)    (9780860517313)
B0112. (CHRISTOFF) Atanas Bozhkoff. Boris Christoff, An Authorized Biography. London, Robson, 1991. 183pp. Exhaustive Discography by Alan Blyth; Photos; DJ. - 9780860517313


"This book, if nothing else, has forced me to rethink Christoff as man and artist. If Christoff saw himself as a zealot in an age of mediocrity and misinterpretation we could certainly use more like him today....The discography covers 17 pages and Alan Blyth's critique of an enormous output is concisely and informatively given on only 12 pages. It is to these pages that the average reader of THE RECORD COLLECTOR will turn."


"...there is the beauty of the voice itself, black and majestic, but capable of melting to the warmest of velvet; a voice that can damn and bless within the same breath. Add to all this a magnificent sense of presence and in Boris Christoff we have a true mastersinger of our time."

- Michael Letchford, Liner Notes to HMV LP set