Victor Red Seal Discography, Vol. II    (John R. Bolig)    9780977273553
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Victor Red Seal Discography, Vol. II    (John R. Bolig)    9780977273553
B0117. THE VICTOR RED SEAL DISCOGRAPHY, Vol. II - (Double-Sided Series, to 1930), by John R. Bolig. Denver, CO, Mainspring Press, 2006. 604pp. Indices; Bibliography; Exhaustive Discography. Includes issues from imported masters that do not appear in previous Victor discographies. Data include ‘master’ and ‘take’ numbers; recording dates; release dates and duration in catalogues; credited and uncredited accompanists; export, club, and cancelled issues; dubbings and reissues in 78 format; and other fine discographic detail (e.g. foreign issue numbers, private issue numbers, etc.). Conveniently arranged by catalogue number, with artist and title indices, and records released as Sets in Album. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 9780977273553


"For anyone with Victor Red Seal...records in his or her collection, or with an interest in the issues in North America of HMV artists or in Europe of Victor artists, this volume is self-recommending….To say that [these] volume[s] of The Victor Red Seal Discography [are] essential reading seems almost redundant. [They are] simply ‘must-have’ reference[s] for the individual collector, discographer and institutional librarian….setting new standards in discographical research."

- Barry R. Ashpole, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2004

"Carefully prepared work... The true enthusiast cannot manage without all the resources mentioned here."

— ARSC Journal