La Nilsson - My Life In Opera     (Birgit Nilsson)    (9780977273553)
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La Nilsson - My Life In Opera     (Birgit Nilsson)    (9780977273553)
B0118. BIRGIT NILSSON. La Nilsson – My Life In Opera (Translated by Doris Jung Popper). Lebanon, NH, University Press of New England, (Northeastern University Press), 2007. 308pp. Index; Discography; Photos; DJ. - 9780977273553


"To my amazement I have come to realize that publishers are inundated with egoists, each of whom believes his life has to be in print for the benefit of future generations…with unrestrained joy, dirty laundry is publicly washed in the hope of writing a best seller….What caused me to change my mind about memoirs?…I can blame everything on the onset of senility, which has diminished my capacity for self-criticism…[and] I want to forestall the coming of the day when some nasty little writer will cook up a brew of lies about La Nilsson. And last, I hope to tell my readers something about my long life, forty years of which were devoted to a career in singing."

- Birgit Nilsson, LA NILSSON, preface