Otello fu  (Francesco Tamagno)   (Piovano)   (9788876655241)
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Otello fu  (Francesco Tamagno)   (Piovano)   (9788876655241)
B0127. (TAMAGNO)  Ugo Piovano.  Otello fu, La vera vita di Francesco Tamagno il tenore-cannone.  Milano, Rugginenti, 2005.  687pp.;  Index;  Bibliography;  Photos;  Illus.;  Discography;  Exhaustive Chronology.  (Italian Text) (Pictorial thick paper covers) - 9788876655241 88-7665-524-7


“…this new biography of Francesco Tamagno by a very meticulous author….is rich in fascinating details….We have been waiting a hundred years for this magnificent volume. Piovano has searched methodically through large quantities of previously unexplored documentation….The book is a paperback, but well printed on very good quality paper and remains open…when [turning] the page. There are many unfamiliar and interesting photographs.”

- Michael Aspinall, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2008

“Patti's business terms may have been severe, but they weren't unique. Tamagno's records, too, were recorded in his home, had special labels, and cost one pound. But in one respect, at least, he surpassed even Patti: one of his discs, the ‘Esultate’ aria from Verdi's OTELLO, lasts a mere 68 seconds, of which the first 25 are a piano introduction! That this and his other records sold well, even at their outrageously inflated price, attests to his fame.

Tamagno (1850 - 1905) had been selected by Verdi to create the lead role in the 1887 premiere of OTELLO. His bold and hyper-emotional singing of the OTELLO arias is still startling (he gasps loudly for breath as he expires!), preserving for all time the performance intended by the greatest opera composer of his age for the hero of his masterpiece. Unlike Patti, Tamagno was still in full voice in 1903 when he recorded.”

- Peter Guttmann, Classical Notes